Pila Rusjan (formally Polona Zupan)

Born in 1984 in Slovenia. I successfully attended European Film College, Denmark (2004/05) and graduated from Digital Arts and Practices at School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia (2010). As a freelance artist, I work in fields of video art, videofilm and performance.

I am a traveller, an observer and a re-searcher. I am interested in people’s thoughts, acts and emotions. Since my definition of truth is a story that everyone should agree on, I am sure, I will never find it, but I still believe in its existence. In my works, I reveal glimpses of what in that moment shows as a part of or a good way towards the truth. I tend not to close the story, as for the reasons stated above. Sometimes, my work is also just being a human being.

My travels and residencies include: Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, United Kingdom, Kyrgyzstan and Brazil. I have presented my works at various international festivals of video, film and contemporary art. Besides solo exhibitions, I have collaborated on many group projects and exhibitions.

Traffic Jam #2 Proposal 1

My plan for the residency in Treasure Hill would be to see and observe how the community lives, to learn from them. Find out about their traditions, their history, and at the same time provide them with knowledge that they might want to learn from me. Perhaps, there is an elder woman who can teach me how to cook a traditional dish and I can show her how to make pictures of it. We could make a cookbook together: collect recipes and record the way the dishes are made. It is a tradition that usually children do not want to lear, but when their grandmother pass away or they form their own families they want to dig their recipes out of nowhere.

I would like to make a workshop of photography/video for people that have never done it, for people that always thought that this is something they either do not have time to do or something that do would not know how to do. My father just turned sixty and never took pictures. When I told him I bought a new camera, he asked me to lend him my old one, so he could take pictures of the birds and the trees, which might not be the same next year.



Traffic Jam #2 Project 2 in collaboration with Hu Nung-Hsin:

Bedtime Stories